Solid Liquid Separator

  •  Solid Liquid Separator

Model: RWS-120

RWS-120 solid liquid separator is designed to separate light weight materials from heavy ones. To illustrate, it is mainly used to separate materials with a density lower than water density (like wood blocks, plastic, foam, paper plates, and paper sheets, etc.) from materials with a density higher than water density (like pebbles, concrete, metallic material, etc.). This separation equipment is ideal for use in separation of various solid wastes, like construction wastes, industrial wastes, commercial wastes and domestic wastes, etc.

Features of Solid Liquid Separator
1. High separation efficiency
The separation equipment can adjust the feeding speed and water speed according to material composition and grain diameter, etc., so as to control separation efficiency.
2. Offers end products with high cleanness
Through water cycling, the finished products are provided with high cleanness.
3. Eco-friendly
By using recycling water, the solid liquid separator eliminates dust pollution problems.

Technical Specifications of Solid Liquid Separation Machine
Model RWS-120
Theoretical separation capacity (t/h) 120
Main motor power (kW) 2 x 15KW
Material size (mm) 10-400
Machine weight (kg) 9000