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    1. Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling EquipmentIt is mainly composed of pre-classification system, electromagnetic iron-removal system, jaw crusher crushing system, multi-stage rotary drum screen, impact crusher crushing system, water separation system, multi-stage screening system, and dust removal system.
    1. Recycled Concrete Aggregate Vibrating ScreenThe vibrating screen is ideal for use in occasions with high precision requirement on material classification. It can be used for classification of recycled concrete aggregates and construction materials for road base construction.
    1. Solid Liquid SeparatorRWS-120 water separator is designed to separate light weight materials from heavy ones. To illustrate, it is mainly used to separate materials with a density lower than water density (like wood blocks, plastic, foam, paper plates, and paper sheets, etc.) from materials with a density higher than water density (like pebbles, concrete, metallic material, etc.).
    1. Three Stage Rotary Drum ScreenThe three stage rotary drum screen can be used for processing construction wastes, commercial wastes and domestic wastes.
      The three stage rotary drum screen is horizontally placed. With shaftless design and helical blades for driving, the screening equipment comes with stable performance.
    1. Roller ScreenThe roller screen is ideal for separation of stripped wastes and lumped wastes, including construction waste, industrial waste, commercial waste and domestic waste as well as other solid wastes.