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Dry Mortar Batch Mixer

  •  Dry Mortar Batch Mixer
  •  Dry Mortar Batch Mixer

Model: GSJD2000/ GSJD3000/ GSJD4500

Features of Dry Mortar Batch Mixer
Equipped with propeller type or coulter type mixing blade, our dry-mixed mortar mixer can mix material uniformly.
A sample can be obtained by our online pneumatic sampling device. Thus we can observe the uniformity of mixed materials at any time.
If equipped with auxiliary equipment, our dry-mixed mortar mixer will be able to guarantee a harmonious mixing of trace additives, thus eliminating the phenomenon of coagulation.

Applications of Dry Mortar Batch Mixer
Our dry mix mortar mixers are applicable for solid-solid and solid-liquid mixing for building materials, medicines, chemical products, feeds, ceramics, flying ashes produced by waste incineration, and more.

Technical Parameters of Dry Mortar Batch Mixers
Model GSJD2000 GSJD3000 GSJD4500
Total Volume (L) 2000 3000 4500
Load factor 0.6 0.6 0.6
Main motor power (kW) 22 55 75
No. of flying-cutter-set 2 3 4
Material size (mesh) 20-500 20-500 20-500
Total weight (kg) 3800 4900 5800