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Dry Mix Mortar Silo

  •  Dry Mix Mortar Silo

Model: CG22;

Features of Dry Mix Mortar Silo
Auto weighting and accumulative weighing device are both equipped.
Additionally, our dry mix mortar silos are also equipped with anti-segregation device.
They are usually used in combination with demountable tank carriers, thus offering a convenient transportation solution.

Our dry mix mortar silos are widely used in construction sites. If used in combination with continuous mixers, they can be used for producing finished mortar.

Technical Parameters of Dry Mix Mortar Silos
Model CG22
Total volume (m3) 24
Effective volume (m3) 22
Outer diameter (mm) 2,400
Max. height (mm) 8,000
Height of discharging hole (mm) 1,350
Diameter of discharging hole (mm) 250
Total weight (kg) 3,000
Overall dimension (mm) 2,600 x 2,400 x 8,000

Continuous Mixer

Model: JBQ20 ;

-Integral design for material-feeding, water-supplying and mixing system. Uninterrupted material discharging offers high operation efficiency, and uniform & high speed mixing.
-Low energy consumption;
-Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Technical parameters of continuous mixer
Model JBQ20
Driving power (kW) 3
Rotational speed (r/min) 280
Productivity (L/min) 6
Total weight (kg) 200
Overall dimension (mm) 2200 x 330 x 420