Silo Truck

  •  Silo Truck

Model: SDX5250ZBG;

Features of Silo Truck
Dry mix mortar silo truck is compatible with various different mortar storage tanks. Thus long distance dry-mixed mortar transportation is permitted.
Fully hydraulic control system and manual controlled control valve are equipped for mortar-storage-tank mounting and dismounting.

Applications of Dry Mix Mortar Silo Truck
Dry-mixed mortar silo truck is mainly used for carrying mortar storage tanks, whether they are full loaded or unloaded.

Technical Parameters of Dry Mix Mortar Silo Truck
Name Dry-mixed mortar silo truck (heavy duty truck 20m3) Dry-mixed mortar silo truck (heavy duty truck 20m3)
Model SDX5250ZBG SDX5160ZBG
Curb weight (kg) 12925 7790
Total weight (kg) 25000 12000
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 9660 x 2500 x 2960 9590X2500X2760
Model of chassis ZZ1257M4647C DFL5160XXYBX1
Wheel base (mm) 4600+1350 5600
Model of engine WD615.93E ISDe180 30
Displacement (L) / Power (kW) 9.726/213 4.5/132
Tank Standard SB/T 10461-2008
Volume (m3) ≤20m3
Diameter (mm) 2400
Hydraulic system Open circuit Open circuit
Pressure (MPa) 28MPa 16MPa
Fuel tank capacity (L) 240 120
Flip angle (º) 95º

Note: The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice.