Cement Screw Feeder

  •  Cement Screw Feeder
  •  Cement Screw Feeder

Feature of Cement Screw Feeder
1. This equipment is composed of belt conveyor, dust collection device and electric control system, used for open cement bags;
2. Equipped with the horizontal feeder cement storage devices;
3. The stander of the belt conveyor is detachable in order to meet the requirements of containerized transport;
4. Cement bag is delivered to breaker by belt conveyor, very convenient and fast;
5.The machine is mainly composed of reducing device, dust collection device and collection bag device, etc;
6. The discharge hole of the screw conveyor uses waterproof canvas cover to connect external equipment and the connecting part is sealed with cushion;
7.The dust collection device is mainly composed of waterproof coping, junction box and pulsator, which can absorb the suspended particulate;
8.The electric control system is mainly composed of control cabinet, electric components and cable conductor to realize the centralized control and operation the whole equipment.

Application of Cement Screw Feeder
This cement screw feeder is popularly used in the areas that without the supply of bulk cement or more use of bag cement, and it can also work with the concrete mixing station.

Technical Parameter of Cement Screw Feeder
Model PBJ-20 PBJ-20 continuous
Productivity (m3/h) 30t/h 30t/h
Cement bag (kg) 50 50
Total weight ( kg ) 3260 3600
Overall dimension (L x W x H)(mm) 9100 x 1550 x 2750 8300 x 2000 x 3500