Sand Separator

  •  Sand Separator

Application of Sand Separator
Being a key concrete equipment, this sand separator completely solves the pollution problem and greatly saves costs at the same time. So, it is widely used to clean the truck mixer, to separate and recycle the sand, stone, water from the waste concrete in the concrete mixing station.

Technical Parameter of Sand Separator
Model SHFJ20 HX700
Productivity (t/h) 10-20 10-30
Grain size (sand) (mm) ≤6 ≤6
Grain size (stone) (mm) >6 >6
Total power of motor (kW) 22.2 10.8
Total weight (kg) 6000 2110
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 12645 x 2135 x 6330 7010 x 2305 x 3295

Note: The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice.