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E Series Concrete Batch Plant with Hopper Lift

  •  Concrete Batch Plant with Hopper Lift
  •  Concrete Batch Plant with Hopper Lift
  •  Concrete Batch Plant with Hopper Lift

Features of E Series Concrete Batch Plant with Hopper Lift
1. With electronic scales to measure;
2. Equipped with the dust collective device, which is of environmental protection;
3. With a dust collector on the top of the powder material bin, which can discharge clean air;
4. Low cost, easy mobile and small occupation area;
5. With compact structure of modular organization, which can meet the requirements of container transport, and is convenient for transport and quick installation disassembly;
6. Equipped with Japanese SMC cylinder, which is with low failure rate and long service life;
7. The main electrical components are from the Schneider Electric Company;
8. The screw conveyor can adopt the WAM products;
9. Can match the freeze drying machine (to be ordered separately), thus to ensure that the gas system reliable operation in winter;
10. It can be manually controlled or automatic control;
11. The microcomputer control system provides the functions of screen display, automatically equalize the fall and distributing ratio storage, and also can manage, store and print data.

Application of Hopper Lift Concrete Batch Plant
Being a key concrete equipment, this series concrete batching plant is popularly used in the construction of medium-sized building project, water and electricity project, roads and other projects.

Technical Parameters of E Series Skip Hoist Concrete Batch Plant
Production capacity (m3/h) 25 40 50 75
Mixer Model JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Power (kW) 18.5 30 2 x 18.5 2 x 30
Output capacity (m3) 0.5 0.75 1 1.5
Max. aggregate size (gravel/cobble stone) (mm) ≤ 60/80 ≤60/80 ≤60/80 ≤ 60/80
Batch bin Capacity (m3) 4 4 8 8
Motor power of hoister (kW) 5.5 7.5 18.5 22
Weighing scope and accuracy Aggregate (kg) 1500±2% 1500±2% 2500±2% 3000±2%
Cement (kg) 300±1% 500±1% 500±1% 800±1%
Fly ash (kg) - - 150±1% 200±1%
Water (kg) 150±1% 200±1% 200±1% 300±1%
Admixture (kg) 20±1% 20±1% 20±1% 30±1%
Discharging height (m) 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0