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Q Series Concrete Batch Plant with Belt Conveyor

  •  Concrete Batch Plant with Belt Conveyor
  •  Concrete Batch Plant with Belt Conveyor

Features of Q Series Concrete Batch Plant with Belt Conveyor
1. With the loader to feed the material;
2. The screw conveyor is from WAM company;
3. The strap machine adopts standard section design (12m long each) to meet the transport requirements, and it is convenient to adjust the length of inclined belt conveyor;
4. With the electronic scale measurement, which is of high precision and small errors;
5. In addition to HZS60Q, the mixing console adopts the Italian BONFIGLIOLI shaft-mounted reducer;
6. The main electrical components are all from Schneider Electric Company;
7. Can add a cold dryer (to be ordered separately) to ensure that the gas system reliable operation in winter;
8. Equipped with dust collector at the top of the powder silo and rain cover on the strap conveying machine to prevent dust from blowing;
9. The control system has the functions of screen displaying and drop automatically correcting, etc. It provides manual operation to control mixing procedure by manually and automatically. It also provides printing system and monitor system.

Application of Belt Conveyor Concrete Batch Plant
This important concrete equipment is popularly used in ready-mix concrete plants, which are small occupation area and small invested, as well as in the mobile construction site.

Technical Parameters of Q Series Belt Conveyor Concrete Batch Plant
Model HZS60Q HZS90Q HZS120Q HZS180Q
Productivity (m3/h) 60 90 120 180
Mixer Model JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000
Power (kw) 2 x 18.5 2 x 30 2 x 37 2 x 55
Discharge capacity (m3) 1 1.5 2 3
Aggregate size (Gravel/Pebble) (mm) ≤60/80 ≤60/80 ≤60/80 ≤60/80
Aggregate bins Volume (m3) 12 12 20 20
Belt conveyor capacity (t/h) 300 450 600 800
Weighing scope and weighing precision Aggregate (kg) 2500±2% 3000±2% 4 x (2000±2%) 4 x (3000±2%)
Cement (kg) 500±1% 800±1% 1000±1% 1500±1%
Coal ash (kg) 150±1% 200±1% 400±1% 600±1%
Water (kg) 200±1% 300±1% 400±1% 600±1%
Additive (kg) 20±1% 30±1% 40±1% 60±1%
Discharging height (m) 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0