T Series Tower Type Concrete Batching Plant

  •  Tower Type Concrete Batch Plant
  •  Tower Type Concrete Batch Plant

Features of T Series Tower Type Concrete Batching Plant
1. Equipped with the independent gravel feeding system and twin-shaft concrete mixer console;
2. There are four aggregate storage silos on the top of the plant, and they can store four kinds of aggregate simultaneously --- two for stone and the other two for sand;
3. The aggregate is sent to the storage bucket on the ground by the loading machine, and then is sent to the aggregate storage separately through the strap machine and material-division device;
4. The fly ash batching system is equipped with three cement storage silo, and one fly ash coal storage silo. The powder material is sent to the weighing bucket by its own screw feeding machine to achieve the individual or cumulative measurement;
5. Water and the liquid additive are sent to the weighing bucket by the water pump to realize the individual measurement;
6. Electrical system is divided into the production control system and feeding control system:
1) The production control system adopts computer control and electronic scale measurement;
2) The control system owns the functions of screen display, drop automatically correcting, and equalize the sand containing water rate (The testing apparatus of sand containing water rate should be bought separately); it can realize the manual and automatic control during the stirring process;
3) Equipped with the print system and four points monitor system to realize the central control and overall management of the whole equipment, and the aggregate charging part is controlled by the separated operator.

Application of T Series Tower Type Concrete Batching Plant
As an important concrete equipment, this T Series Tower Type Concrete Batching Plant can be used to stir all types of concrete, so it is widely applied to larger than the medium scale project construction, such as large scale building construction, water and electricity, port, dock and bridge, as well as the large and medium scale precast concrete plant , ready-mix concrete plant and pipe piles production factories.

Technical Parameters of T Series Tower Type Concrete Batching Plant
Model HLST180 HLST240
Production capacity (m3/h) 180 240
Concrete mixer Model JS3000 JS4000
Power (kW) 2 x 55 2 x 75
Output capacity (m3) 3 4
Aggregate size (gravel/cobble stone) (mm) ≤60/80 ≤60/80
Batch bin Capacity (m3) 4X40 4X40
Belt conveyor deliverability (t/h) 480 600
Weighing scope and measuring accuracy Aggregate (kg) 2 x (4000±2%) 2 x (4000±2%)
Cement (kg) 1500±1% 2000±1%
Fly ash (kg) 600±1% 800±1%
Water (kg) 600±1% 800±1%
Admixture (kg) (40+60)±1% (40+60)±1%
Discharging height (m) 3.8 3.8